Unlock the power of your voice
through the the words you write
Designed by a professional copywriter, this course will walk you through how to create different types of copy, including email sequences, web copy, sales pages, and MORE.
Here's what you'll get...
Trade skills
Different copy has different tones, styles and methods.  And we'll teach you all of them!  Learn the basics to start using your written voice and God-given talent to create a solid, scaelable business.
grow your bankability
Quickly gain marketable skills you can use to launch your new business, connecting your passion and skills to find your mission and launch you into your Next Chapter as a freelance service provider.
10x Your Investment
Copywriting skills are in high demand and one client project can recoup your course investment. This course is one of the best costs for the value you receive from it.  

No Questions Asked Guarantee
Here's my guarantee - if you are not 100% satisfied there is a 7-day no-questions asked refund policy.
Anyone who is even considering working with Sarah, do not hesitate at all. She has a way of figuring out exactly what people have in their mindset, but also where they need to go from here to overcome those blocks and really make the shift happen that they want.

Jessie V.
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