Are you ready to shift your life?
Even if you think you have no skills, no time, and no money
It’s the start of a brand new year – and you are SO ready for this year to just be behind you already so you can move on and start moving forward.
You’re a hard-working Momma Bear who’s passionate about creating a positive example for your kids and building something you can be proud of…
But you’re feeling lost, and you’re not sure where to start.
Maybe you’ve Googled work-from-home jobs, but you have no idea how to tell the legit jobs from the scams… and you don’t want to work for pennies doing inbound customer service. 

It all just seems SO HARD to figure out on your own.

Are you…
  •  …a recently divorced or separated, suddenly single mom with little or no work experience outside the home? 
  • …a working mom dealing with massive Mom Guilt and fear of missing out on precious time with your babies, who wants to be at home with your children and able to snuggle them if they are sick, or plan your day around Swim Club
  • …an empty nester looking for ways to pay the bills so you’re not stuck living on sparse retirement funds and Social Security?
I get you… because I’ve been there.
Once upon a time I thought I was JUST a homeschool mom with out-dated work skills .
JUST a suddenly single, divorced woman who would never find love again .
Maybe you're thinking:
  • I'm JUST too old
  • or I'm JUST too introverted
  • or I'm JUST a mom 
Let me tell you straight-up:

It’s all gonna be ok.
You do NOT have to do this alone.

You just need a little help.
I'm Sarah, a Life Shift Strategist.
I help women kickstart, rebuild or expand a life they love.

I’m the Director of Coaching with a prominent software company and a high-level community of freelancers… but I didn’t start there. 

After ten years of enjoying my role as a stay-at-home mom, I found myself fighting to save my marriage and facing tough questions about how life would look if it didn’t survive.

As I built my business, one skill built onto the next, and the next, and so on… The more I learned, the more secure I became in myself.
Now I encourage and help other women – women just like you – tap into their talents and find their footing again. 
I never imagined this being my life. 

But with determination, fearlessness, and being open to learning new things, it became my truth.
And it can happen for you, too.
Can you relate?
(I know I’m not the only one who has felt this way!)
It’s time to
with the
Business Basics Foundation
Business Basics Foundation combines five comprehensive modules to help you quickly gain marketable skills you can use to launch your new business:
All brilliant business start somewhere. And somewhere there is someone that will pay you for your brilliance and talent, even if they (and you) don't know it yet!
Breaking in to the marketplace can be difficult, but I'll show you the sure-fire ways to effortlessly find people who will hire you and be thrilled with your skills!

I'll break down how to achieve your financial goals without sacrificing your family time or lifestyle flexibility
Market yourself 24/7 and attract clients even while you're at the playground or grocery store 
Are you really a business?  Act like one!  Make sure you are legally and financially prepared for your financial success.
Business Basics Foundation will give you...
…a way to provide for your family
…flexibility for the life you want to live
…a rebuilt life
…a sense of accomplishment
…skillsets that are valuable to paying customers
…a revived sense of confidence
  • …wasting time and money on ‘gurus’ who get rich by selling courses on how to get rich
  • …wasting effort trying to wade through courses on your own, without guidance from someone who has already been down this path and succeeded
You deserve BETTER.
Are you ready to step into the life
you were MEANT to live?
So Sarah...  what is the price for the roadmap to structuring my business the right way the first time?
You get all of this for only $47
6 months of FREE access to the Life Shift Blueprint Facebook group 
(value: $49/month)
"When you first join a program like Sarah's you think you are joining for the step by step system, the training and the how-to, but after you've been there for a while, you realize that that's stuff is important but the MOST important part is the cameraderie and support from people.

Without having a connection to people, it's very difficult to continue on. Having someone like Sarah who knows and ACTUALLY understands what it took is essential-- she doesn't just understand it. She LIVED it. And you want to listen to that." -Jessi V.
If Business Basics Foundation doesn't show you exactly how to have the flexibility to be there with your children or aging parents as they need... if it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step to make income to contribute to your household... or if it fails to help you make use of your passions because being just "mom" isn't quite enough...
Here's my guarantee - if you are not 100% satisfied there is a 14-day no-questions asked refund policy.
No Questions Asked!
But don't take my word for it.  Here is what some of my past clients have to say:
I was frustrated with squirrel syndrome, imposter syndrome, and I needed help determining a clear path to get my biz started as well as help figuring out my service pricing/packaging. Sarah helped break everything down, challenge by challenge, and recommended specific actionable steps I could implement right away to help reduce the overwhelm and make progress toward my goals. If you're new to freelancing, feeling stuck or overwhelmed and unsure how to proceed, affected by squirrel syndrome or/and imposter syndrome, I would highly recommend you book a coaching call with Sarah. Like NOW. Get off your butt and do it. She's got experience solving your challenges, and gives solid, practical advice to help you break everything down into manageable pieces and set a clear path to reach your goals. She's great at helping you get the clarity you're looking for to move forward confidently. Thank you Sarah!!

Chris L.
Sarah provided a big shift in my thinking (my mind was locked in on price levels). We had some great ideas that are actionable/achievable to get our business to 'next'. Our conversation around mindset also provided some much needed validation that my instincts are correct, that I'm on the right path, with the right focus. Sarah provided me with several very creative, actionable ideas we believe will take our business to the next level. Along with that, her advice on the strategy questions I brought to her helped crystallize our road-map for the next quarter. I just wish we'd reached out to her sooner!

I was paralyzed by the constant over-thinking of which idea to pursue and how to pursue it. My brain was exhausted, my confidence was out to lunch, and I felt like I was failing at starting. Fast forward to my hour call with Sarah--my takeaway was priceless!! She helped me figure out what I really didn't want to do, which in turn helped me figure out what I did! In an hour we narrowed down what can be scaled to achieve my lifestyle/business goals, real examples of how she's helped others do the same, and what I need to focus on NOW to start making progress. Most importantly, she reminded me that changes in business direction are not failures, they're simply pivots! I love that mindset! Sarah is the "frazzled brain" whisperer for entrepreneurs !! Thanks a million Sarah!

Anyone who is even considering working with Sarah, do not hesitate at all. She has a way of figuring out exactly what people have in their mindset, but also where they need to go from here to overcome those blocks and really make the shift happen that they want.

Sarah, thank you so much for talking with me! I was confused on what steps to take to start making actual progress. After talking with you I feel less overwhelmed and know what next steps I need to take. I love your direct, no nonsense style! I felt like you could relate to my situation and instead of giving me generic advice that could take months or more, you helped me determine actionable steps I can do to start seeing results. You also gave me some great tips and suggestions! So, not only am I able to start getting results now, I have additional steps I can take so I can keep getting results! I will be recommending you to anyone looking for a coach. Thank you!

Just $47?  What a low cost to start your dream today!
Frequently Asked Questions
I’m working a 9 to 5 already; can I do this?
I designed this course to be 100% self-paced for busy people just like you, so you can easily fit it in where you have open time in your day – before work/before the kids get up, during lunch breaks/nap time, after work/during homework time… it’s totally doable! Will you need to make some small sacrifices in the short term to free up some time for this course (ahem… Netflix, I’m looking at you…)? Yep, probably. But that small investment in yourself will pay off in BIG ways.

I’d love to work online… but isn’t that less secure than working for someone else?
I used to think that too! Until I realized that traditional jobs today are less secure than they’ve ever been. The average American will change jobs 10 to 15 times during their career! What’s more stable than a job? SKILLS. I designed the Life Shift Blueprint course to teach you marketable skills you’ll be able to implement NOW and – most importantly – that are transferable as markets and technologies shift.
I’m an empty nester about to retire from my traditional job… am I too late to start this?
Absolutely not! In fact, this is the perfect time for you to make this shift, since now you have more time on your hands to devote to building your business.  The online world is one place where age discrimination is a complete non-factor
No matter your skillset, your experience, or your age - Business Basics Foundation is for you!
You 100% owe it to yourself to give Business Basics Foundation an honest to goodness, ZERO-RISK shot if:
  •’re ready to live future-forward and transition out of your dead end job
  • want to be at home with your children and able to snuggle them if they are sick, or plan your day around Swim Club 
  • ...decide to work on a project at 10:00 pm at night because your nursing and your little guy will be awake in 30 minutes 
  • want to shed your JUST thinking and become the best version of yourself 
P.S. - Every minute you wait to get Business Basics Foundation is another minute that you’ve been thinking about this dream for far too long. Why not understand (and implement) the ‘how’ behind your dream?
Put the power of Business Basics Foundation to work for you so you can quickly and easily have the flexibility to be there for your children or aging parents as they need, make income to contribute to your household, and make use of your passions because being just "mom" isn't quite enough!

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